Mode of operation of the contributory scheme

In this scheme, contributions are made in levels. Available levels in thousands of naira are: N5, N10, N20, N50, N100, N200, N500, N1000. You choose a level that is convenient to you and your target partners. Note that your partners shall invest at the same level with you to be able to earn. It is simple. It is fast and guarantees 100% workability any day, any time.

You register into any category of your choice by paying the equivalent sum. You proceed to encourage other three persons to register at the same level with you and ensure that they cite you as their referral in either of the following two ways:

  1. Bank deposit. Pay into EWIGO believers ventures @ Diamond bank account no. 0107702941.

In the bank teller, write under paid by: both your referee’s and your names as in the example below. If James Akpanke is introducing Peter Adekunle. Peters teller should be read, James Akpanke/Peter Adekule. That order must be maintained to indicate that the first name is the referee and the second name is the person who is doing the contribution now. You can only contribute once in every group.

  1. Mobile or ATM transfer. In this case, send a WhatsApp message transmitting the evidence of payment such as: Please acknowledge my transfer of N10,000.00 to: Ewigo Believers Ventures acct no. 0107702941 in Diamond Bank. I was introduced by James Akpanke. My account details are Peter Adekunle 3051155621 First Bank.

One could also register without a referral. In that case, his teller caries only his name in the space indicated paid by:. In both cases, the person loses nothing. However, to earn, your name must be seen to have been referenced three other persons through their bank tellers or WhatsApp messages linked to a specific bank payment.

You should get a reply within 24 hours after each payment.