About Achievers Business Consult

A world of Business Development and Financial Freedom!!

Company Story

ABC is a consultancy outfit affiliated to two corporate organizations namely: EWIGO business ventures and ABC multipurpose cooperative society which provide the legal framework for its operations.  It is committed to creating wealth, business and job opportunities. Services are open to all believers of all denominations and of all works of life.  It is a multiple cooperative business consult and a business center for real time investors to interact and do business.

ABC is about:

  • The normal Cooperative Society platform – registered as ABC multipurpose cooperative Society.
  • Christian Professionals and Financial Experts coming together to solve the myriads of financial difficulties plaguing believers today. This will be articulated in a way that will enhance capacity building through easy to follow bible based practical steps for wealth creation.
  • The Business Development and Common Wealth platform is registered as EWIGO believers ventures.
  • Minimizing the percentage of poverty, frustration and above all the burden carried by several pilgrims on their way to the kingdom.
  • Pursuing the two basic objectives outlined earlier in this bulletin.

We seek to build a brotherhood of believers and a genuine business environment suitable for believers to operate and keep their faith in righteousness, peace and joy …Rom. 14:17. We seek an opportunity for true prosperity and financial freedom for the Christian community as typified by the scriptures and thus we believe that, “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory”, Phil. 4:19.

We are however, aware of some “believers” whose god is their belly and who out lack of financial discipline have used the name of the Lord extort and defraud unsuspecting members of the public. But we know that God still has a remnant. 2Kings 19:30-31; Isaiah 37:31-32; Ez 1422. Test is the best prove of genuineness. Our ultimate goal is heaven, not money. We not being boastful but we rely on the sufficiency of the grace of God towards us.

We believe that, it is God’s desire that all his children should prosper and be in health even as their soul’s prosper. 2 John 3. WE also believe that it is He (God) who gives you power to make wealth, Deut. 8:18.


Achievers Business Consult is the right choice for you:


  1. To stimulate financial freedom and prosperity through biblical principles of investment, persistent savings, business development and guidance.
  2. To exhort and show members how to live abundantly in accordance with John 10:10


Many believers do not plan for their families. They hardly write wills to protect their loved ones in the event that the Lord calls them home sooner or later. They think, it is faithlessness to plan ahead. Others do not plan for those years when they may not be very active in their careers. I mean those years they must compulsorily rest from labour. This is the reason why some even falsify their ages to remain in public service. Unfortunately, for this ones, retirement must surely come sooner or later. You know that no one can cheat nature. And when it finally comes many are taken off guard because the retirement benefits will not do the magic for a wasted lifetime. The sun suddenly turns dim, and the dust returns back to dust sooner than it should. Read Ecl. 12:1-8. We may say, God forbid! But this is a true testimony. It is happening all around us.


We offer new initiatives in the cooperative world


Did Jesus not promise that, while we wait for His return, we shall receive an hundred fold in the world to come eternal life? How else can we explain this high level of ignorance, complacency, indolence and poverty among believers except that the god of this world wants us to believe that the good Lord wants us to suffer and pay for our sins before giving us eternal life?
We dare to ask the following rhetoric questions: Is it the will of God that most of His children, whom He loved so much so that He could not spare His only son, should suffer and languish in abject poverty as we see today? Rom. 8:32. Is God’s grace for our provision of no consequence? 1Pet.1:3. Is God not as caring as our earthly fathers would when we are actually in need? Matt.7:11. Is there something wrong with the bible or is there rather something wrong with our perception of God’s plan and purpose for all believes on earth? Hos.4:6. These and many other questions are the issues we attempt to address at ABC. You can join us today!


The poverty rate witnessed today in the body of Christ compared to majority of biblical believers like Abraham, David, Job, etc., who lived in affluence in their lifetimes while at the same time attaining to great spiritual heights, has been a cause of great concern to us at ABC. Poverty and joblessness have together rendered most believers ineffective even in preaching the gospel. Besides, this ugly situation has led many believers to different levels of infidelity and compromise. It is incredible how the twenty first century set of believers have comfortably settled down to this level of degeneracy in gross contradiction to the word of God. Jesus appalled by this same recalcitrant attitude, rebuked the disciples of His day on earth, “…the children of this world are in their generation, wiser than the children of light”. Jesus was in this passage clearly rebuking their lack of foresight. “And the Lord commended the unjust steward because he had done wisely”, Luke 16:1-88. Did He say for His corrupt practices? NO! Rather it was for his foresight. Check out the believer of today in contrast to his worldly contemporary on this subject. Does that not shock you that the children of the king, that we are, live more or less like paupers? King Solomon views this scenario as a gross evil, a situation in which beggars ride on horses and princes go on foot.