This is a “phantom” share acquisition scheme.


“Phantom” because you are at liberty to choose the time frame of your cash investments and negotiate your benefits. You take little or no risk in the business to which your money was invested. This investment portfolio enables you to save/employ your money in the most effective way without worrying about the trouble of business management and accountability. In this way, you are sure of big returns on your investment without leaving your present job. Returns on investments are negotiable which enables you to earn attractive interest rates.

The second benefit on this scheme is instant financing that enables members to meet up with very urgent personal/financial needs. This attractive scheme takes advantage of developments in e-banking to facilitate financial transactions including funds transfer from one account to the other, particularly suited for businessmen and professionals. Hence, one accesses his funds or obtains a facility at a click of the button from any part of the country. With the availability of mobile banking and internet facility almost anywhere on earth, your financial transactions can as well be monitored and effected from any part of the world. This makes it easy to make a request, have funds transferred within minutes just by the click of the button. From the pool of funds deposited by members, instant queries, document processing and financing are only a click of the button away. It can only be better! Beneficiaries are persons of high integrity who have shown prove of financial discipline through consistent savings and previous transactions.

Please note that each operate shall be subject to:

  • A regular monthly deposit of his choice which can be made in advance (divided daily or weekly installments are allowed).
  • A penalty of N500.00 is charged per month defaulted.
  • Operators may increase their deposits but must obtain official clearance in writing for a decrease.